Is there a difference between theory and practice? There is. In deed.

Theory and practice, closely dovetailed The project competence method by the Steinbeis+Akademie

The Steinbeis+Akademie makes ideal use of a dual education concept first developed by Ferdinand von Steinbeis. We do this through an approach called the project competence method. Steinbeis University, to which the Steinbeis+Akademie belongs, also applies this philosophy to its unique Project Competence Degrees®.

The idea is not to learn and recite dry theory, as if by rote, but to directly apply acquired knowledge in a practical way to everyday vocational pursuits. This allows course participants to work effektively on authentic and real problems based on their everyday work at a company.

This unique approach is also central to our project competence training courses. The aim of this training is to allows students to apply acquired specialist knowledge directly to the everyday situations they face at work and at home. This allows acquired know-how to be transferred directly to the real world, absorbed, and expanded.