Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.

Defining the direction of life-long learning The Steinbeis+Akademie and its training courses

The Steinbeis+Akademie is responsible for non-university level courses offered by Steinbeis University. Its goal within the field of quaternary education is to provide direction and pave the way for all phases of life-long learning.


The academy plus sign (+)

The plus sign in the name of Steinbeis+Akademie highlights the fact that participants attending our courses receive more than mere fragments of information.

  • They are given opportunities to enter new realms of knowledge – over and above any previous things they knew.
  • Possibility to gain credits accepted by universities (Advanced Studies)
  • Courses for university graduates (Advanced Studies)
  • Compact modules to ease planning and schedules
  • Fast-track modules in small groups
  • Sharing of university knowledge with the Steinbeis+Akademie through the involvement of university lecturers (Advanced Studies)
  • Teaching of the fundamentals of scientific/academic work (Advanced Studies)
  • Possibility to offer group-specific course content
  • Possibility to become part of the Steinbeis Network

Overall, this results in what Aristotle described as the whole being something else than the sum of all parts :

Clearly, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, because as part of the whole, things can be done that can’t be done alone. – based on Aristoteles, Metaphysics VII

At the Steinbeis+Akademie you also derive benefit from the know-how of Steinbeis Unversity

The project competence courses offered at the Steinbeis+Akademie draw on the experience of Steinbeis University and the project competence principles applied to its degree courses. As such they dovetail practice with theory.

Practical experience gained in a work setting is therefore an indispensable component of staff development. This is integrated into the theory learned on courses, which have a strong bearing on work practice. 

Dovetailing practical experience with theoretical content makes it possible for course participants to draw on detailed insights (knowledge), reflect on theory (education), and translate this into action in a way that will affect future outcomes (transfer).

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001