It is the test of an organization to make ordinary human beings perfom better than they seem capable of.

One academy, five areas of competence

The Steinbeis+Akademie is broken down into five areas of competence: management, personal development, education management, public health service, and technology. A number of Steinbeis Transfer Institutes offer different courses in each area of competence. Each is responsible for course content and the organizational aspects of their training.

Organigramm | © Steinbeis+Akademie 2018

© Steinbeis+Akademie 2018

Academy management and directors

The Steinbeis+Akademie operates as a business enterprise belonging to Steinbeis University Berlin. It is managed by the Directorate and the Management Board. Their job is to manage the running of the academy and any organizational aspects. As well as managing the academy, they also represent the interests of the academy to third parties. They are supported by an Advisory Board, which is also responsible for quality.


The Steinbeis+Akademie Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprises members spanning all five areas of competence at the academy. Each area of competence is represented by a member from the academy and a member from Steinbeis University. They perform an advisory role on strategic and organizational aspects.


Steinbeis-Transfer-Institutes of the academy

The Steinbeis Transfer Institutes run by the academy are responsible for the teaching and running of individual certification courses. Each is managed by an institute director. They form units within the organization of the Steinbeis+Akademie.