Knowledge can be limited, thinking can't!

Why people come to the Steinbeis+Akademie?

Expanding knowledge

„Recognizing that you know what you know, and recognizing that you do not know that you do not know - this is knowledge.“ 

(Confucius 551-479)

Life is not just shaped by a process of continual learning at work. People acquire a wealth of knowledge over the course of a lifetime, and one way to look at this is like an accumulation of building blocks. It can also be seen as a comprehensive compendium of insights. The challenge is to add structure to these insights by imparting the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge relating to different topics in such a way that this complements knowledge to form a cohesive and enduring foundation of knowledge.


Engendering education

„It is not the mass of what [one] knows or has learned that onstitutes education, but the strenght and peculiarity with which [one] has acquired it and knows how to use it to understand and assess what is at hand.“ 

(Friedrich Paulsen, 1903)

The next step is to assess this foundation of knowledge and reflect on it. Only by assimilating knowledge can one develop the qualities and capabilities it takes to learn certain competences and develop as a person.

Implementing transfer

„The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.“ 

(Herbert Spencer 1820-1903)

It is only by doing things – based on what we know and have learned – that change is instigated, managed and thus achieved. The expanded insights gained during courses make it possible to solve problems constructively. Solving these problems not only expands people’s horizons. It also makes it possible for people to gain new perspectives, empowering them to shape the future creatively.