Only he who conveys what has been researched in real life, lends truth value to knowledge.

Studying and researching is part of life: Steinbeis University

Steinbeis University is a place of research an teaching excellence. A place of education where people do not just learn for their lives, but learn in their lives. A place where the future is developed - a future o fnew technology, management, and the economy, the future of all the peole who learn and tach with us.

With its unique integrated degree programs, which run in parallel to full-time work, Steinbeis University adheres closely to the ideals of dual education first developed by Ferdinand von Steinbeis – in keeping with a long-standing tradition. But at the same time, Steinbeis University is a place of innovation, with a consistent focus on the future. Because where better to develop solutions to the challenges of the future, than at the point of overlap between theory and practice?